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Rules of the Regatta

Note: these will be updated for the new format in 2020



The Match will be run under FISA rules, with the exception of any variations specifically referred to in these rules.

PARTICIPATION: The regatta will be open to teams representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. (However, for special occasions, and with prior agreement of the General Management Committee, arrangements can be made whereby a fifth country can be invited to participate).


  1. Senior Men & Women:   Coxed Four; Coxless Four; Coxless Pair; Quadruple Scull (4x); Double Scull; Single Scull and Eight (8+)
    Lightweight: Pair, Double Scull and Single Scull
    Para: A male AS/TA race and a female AS/TA race, conducted on percentage of GMT basis.

  2. Junior Men & Women: Coxed Four; Coxless Four; Coxless Pair; Quadruple Scull; Double Scull; Single Scull and Eight.

  3. In the Senior Events, each team (men and women) may have a maximum of NINETEEN athletes and TWO coxswains.
    Every member of the 8+ and 4x, MUST have raced at least once in a smaller boat at the regatta.

  4. In the Junior events, each team (men and women) shall have a maximum of SEVENTEEN athletes and TWO coxswains.

1) JW1x 9:20 13) W2- 11:04 25) JW4+ 12:40 
2) JM1x 9:28 14) M2- 11:12 26) JM4+ 12:48 
3) PR2 9:36 15) JW4- 11:20 27) W4- 12:56 
4) PR3 9:48 16) JM4- 11:28 28) M4- 13:04 
5) LW1x 10:00 17) W4+ 11:36 29) JW4x 13:12
6) LM1x 10:08 18) M4+ 11:44 30) JM4x 13:20
7) W1x 10:16 19) LW2x 11:52 31) JW8+ 14:42
8) M1x 10:24 20) LM2x 12:00 32) JM8+ 14:50
9) LW2- 10:32 21) JW2x 12:08 33) W4x 14:58
10) LM2- 10:40 22) JM2x 12:16 34) M4x 15:06
11) JW2- 10:48 23) W2x 12:24 35) W8+ 15:14
12) JM2- 10:56 24) M2x 12:32  36) M8+ 15:22

Except for accident, or emergency, there will be no alteration to the event order.

COURSE: The length of the course shall be ideally 2000 metres, but not less than 1500 metres


Weighing-in: All coxes and Lightweights must weigh-in between 2 hours and 1 hour before the start of the regatta (8.00am – 9.00am).

Personal Flotation Devices, suitable to the boat type, must be worn by coxes for racing.

JUNIORS: Juniors shall conform to the following definition:

‘A Junior oarsman/oarswoman is one who has not attained the age of 18 years before the 1st September of the calendar year preceding the year of competition.

PARA-ROWERS: All para-rowers must be classified to either national or FISA level

UMPIRES: The Host Nation shall appoint the President of the Jury and shall ensure that the racing is controlled by duly qualified officials. Visiting countries must nominate two umpires each, not later than four weeks prior to the event, to the host country

ENTRIES: Team entries, names of individuals and their respective clubs shall be supplied to the Match Director no later than the Monday before the regatta.


No athlete may row/scull for a country in the Match if he/she has rowed/sculled for another country in the HIR the previous year.

Every competitor must be qualified by one or more of the following conditions:-

a) Having been born in that country.

b) Having a parent or grandparent born in that country

c) Having resided in that country for 6 of the 12 months prior to the Match, and having be a member of a club in that country during that time.

d) If an athlete lives in Home Country A, and rows for a club in Home Country B and has competed for that club for more than the previous 6 months, that athlete may compete for Country A or Country B

e) Having had 5 years of primary or secondary education in that country


RACING COLOURS: Competitors shall use the following colours:

Country Blade All-in-one
England White Grey with red cross of St George front and back and a lion and rose motif
Ireland Green Green with shamrock emblem
Scotland Blue Blue with white thistle
Wales Red Red with Prince of Wales feathers

SCORING: Points for each race shall be awarded as follows:-

1st –4 pts; 2nd –3 pts;  3rd –2 pts;  4th –1 pt. No points are scored by a crew that is disqualified, or that fails to complete the course by reason of its own accident. Crews dead-heating will share the points for the places involved ie. equal 1st means 3 ½ pts each. In the event of only one entry in an event, no medal will be awarded.

In an event where only 3 crews are entered, then the points shall be: 1st – 3 pts; 2nd – 2 pts; 3rd – 1 pt.

In an event where only 2 crews are entered, then the points shall be: 1st – 3 pts; 2nd – 2 pts.

In an event where only 1 crew is entered, then 3 points are awarded (but no medal).

These exceptions apply as per entries received by the Close of Entries which is the Monday before the Match. They do not apply if crews subsequently scratch.

TROPHIES: The following challenge trophies, lent by the countries shown, shall be awarded to the teams scoring the highest total in the relevant sections. In the case of a tie, the trophy shall be awarded to the team with the greatest number of 1st places. If a tie still results, the trophy shall be awarded to the team whose Eight occupies the higher position. Any invited fifth nation shall be ineligible for the team awards.

Men                : Annamarie Phelps MBE Cup  (England)
Women           : The Dame Katherine Grainger Quaich  (Scotland)
Junior Men      : The John Hartland Trophy (Wales)
Junior Women : The Irish Travel Agency Cup (Ireland)

The Team Manager of winning teams should return the trophies won by their team, no later than the day preceding the next match, suitably engraved and polished.


The following programme for hosting the event is agreed:

2019              Scotland
2020              Wales
2021              England 

Updated: July 2019